Hohner Marine Band 364/24 Soloist Harmonica in the Key of C

Our Price: $83.95

It has Marine Band construction, including the stainless steel covers and the brass reed plates, but the similarities end there. The Marine Band Soloist 364/24 has been tuned quite differently. While the Classic is great for playing the blues, the Soloist 364/24 is much better for playing more melodic tunes.

If you have experience playing a chromatic, you'll notice that the tuning is similar, except that the Soloist 364/24 doesn't have a sharping lever. Nevertheless, it has a superb sound, and it's great for playing solo, as the name suggests, or for playing the melodies while someone else plays the harmonies on a different harp

• Solo tuning with 3 complete diatonic octaves
• Pearwood comb
• Stainless steel covers mounted with screws
• 24 Classic reeds / 12 channels
• 0.9 mm brass reed plates, mounted with nails
• Available in C-major only
• Made in Germany

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