Habits of a Successful Middle School Band Director

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Building on the successful Habits series, Scott Rush and his team have created a practical guide to all aspects of the middle school band program, including:
• Recruiting for beginners
• Mouthpiece testing and instrumentation
• Running an effective middle school rehearsal
• Teaching strategies for middle school
• Repertoire suggestions
• Warm-ups for beginner, intermediate, and advanced middle school players

Additional sections address musicianship, classroom management, working with parents and colleagues, assessment, technology, the middle school mind, minor instrument repair, private lessons . . . even traveling with middle school students.

Habits of a Successful Middle School Band Director is a resource to turn to time and again for ideas and inspiration. This is a comprehensive book that will grow as teaching skills grow, a book that will serve as a constant and essential companion throughout the career of any middle school band director.

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