Exploring Preliminary

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Exploring Preliminary packed with stimulating repertoire and learning experiences, ideal for teaching, learning, performance and exam preparation. The pieces feature an inspiring range of rich sound worlds all aimed at developing specific techniques to challenge and actively develop the ear. The solo and duet pieces, in both classical and popular styles, are primarily based in keys that closely match the technical work for both traditional and leisure/contemporary exam syllabus. Online Audio Access to recorded performances of the pieces is also included. 

1. Ghosts of a Sunken Ship
2. A Little Tune and Polk, Op. 39 No. 1 & 2
3. Lyrical Etude, Op.101 No. 39
4. Circle Dance, Op. 101 No. 6
5. Little Flower Girl of Pairs
6. Three Wishes
7. Arabia
8. Improvisation Task 1
9. Mutiger Knabe (Brave Boy) Op. 107
10. Etude
11. Minuet in C
12. Arietta, op. 42, Lesson 5
13. A Raggy Tune
14. Starfish at Night
15. Hopak
16. Fog at Sea
17. A Deserted Garden, Op. 82 No. 35
18. Temple of Doom
19. Snowflakes Gently Falling
20. Theme from James Bond
21. Funkasaurus
22. The Japanese Koto
23. Improvisation Task 2
24. Safari
25. Improvisation Task 3
26. Snow Scene
27. A Frightful Night (Duet)
28. Bike Blues (Duet)
29. Black Key Bells

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