Encore On Keys Kit Junior Level 4 - Book/Audio/Flash Cards

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By Morna Robinson, Mark Gibson, Jane Stavrinoudis.

Book/Audio Card/Flash Cards. 
For 4 and a half - 7 year old. 

Young children love the fun approach of the Encore on Keys Junior Series. They meet their instrument right from the start, sing along with the music, participate in story-telling and games, play percussion instruments and engage with the music through gestures, actions and movement activities. The Junior Series also features the lovable Onkie characters.

The key elements of the Junior Series program are:

  • Songs – for musical enjoyment, expression and foundation movement activities
  • Finger Zips – small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level
  • Repertoire Pieces – solo performance pieces
  • Ensembles – to develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing
  • Flash Cards – a proven way to reinforce concepts and develop reading skills and
  • Audio Card – these provide an aural model and excite the student’s imagination.

The teaching approach includes:

  • Solfege/Solfa Singing – to develop a strong awareness of pitch and
  • By Ear Playing and Singing (BEPS) to link aural and instrumental skills.

These features are presented as an integrated teaching sequence and are designed to provide a thorough and balanced approach to music education. Students who successfully complete the Junior Series advance to the Achiever Series.

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