Darklands Legends, Randall D. Standridge Concert Band Chart Grade 2

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In three movements, this suite for young band will capture the imaginations of your students and transport them to an amazing fantasy land of musical expression. It is designed to be played as a stand-alone suite, or for an even more expansive undertaking, as movements 2, 3, and 4 of the Darklands Symphony, along with Darklands March (1) and DarkHeart (5). Additionally, the movements can be played as separate, stand-alone pieces, and all are designed to be successful by groups with limited instrumentation or larger, complete ensembles. The entire Darklands Symphony stands alone as a major work for young band, and can easily be the highlight of your students' band experience.

Dance of the Mad Prince

The Serpent Priest and the Black Bell

The Queen's Masque

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