Cherubic Hymn (Tschesnokoff) Concert Band Greg Danner Grade 3

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With similar expressive power to Tschesnokoff ’s Salvation is Created, this setting of his beautiful Cherubic Hymn will inspire your band and thrill your audience. The careful scoring highlights multiple color combinations throughout the ensemble and is a wonderful work for teaching phrasing and musicality.

Sample Score

Program Notes

The Cherubic Hymn, or song of the angels, accompanies the solemn “Great Entrance” of the clergy in the Russian Orthodox Church. Tschesnokoff ’s original version of this ancient monastery melody was written for four part chorus. The mood created, similar to his well-known Salvation is Created, is one of beautiful expression. This arrangement for concert band allows the many tonal colors and expansive range and power of the wind band to reimagine this glorious music.


Flute 1
Flute 2
Oboe 1
Oboe 2
Bassoon 1
Bassoon 2
B-flat Clarinet 1
B-flat Clarinet 2
B-flat Clarinet 3
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1
Alto Saxophone 2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

B-flat Trumpet 1
B-flat Trumpet 2
B-flat Trumpet 3
F Horn 1
F Horn 2
F Horn 3
F Horn 4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Bass Trombone
T.C. Baritone

Timpani [4 drums]
Suspended Cymbal
Crash Cymbals & Bass Drum

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