Baba's Reggae Rock, Kurt Gäble Concert Band Chart Grade 1

by Rundel

BABA’S REGGAE ROCK by Kurt Gaeble is an especial mixture both in musical and personal terms. Reggae music was created in Jamaica in the 1960s. Rock or rock music is the general term for beat oriented music that began to be composed in the 1950s and which reached an enormous degree of popularity in the 1960s in the rendition of groups such as the “Beatles” or the “Rolling Stones”. Kurt Gäble played in a band in the 1970s. Some motifs of improvisations during that period still survived in his memory. Some of them he used in BABA’S REGGAE ROCK, for example a vocal/instrumental mix starting in bar 41 (“Na, na, na”). Other helpful suggestions came from his children when they listened to reggae hits. This interesting mixture finally made BABA’S REGGAE ROCK which was specially arranged for the EXPLORA young band series.

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