Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner, Lesson Book 2 Accompaniment CD

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This compact disc contains orchestrated background accompaniments for the pieces in the Accelerated Piano Adventures® Lesson Book 2. Each selection in the book is played twice: first at a slow practice tempo and then at performance tempo. The piano part is included in the slow track.For the performance track, the piano part is omitted or is in the backg round, allowing the student to be the featured performer.

The Enhanced CD also includes standard MIDI files that can be accessed with a computer. When used with your software, keyboard, or synthesizer, the MIDI files allow you to adjust tempos, isolate track playbacks, and transpose to different keys.

Special bonus: MIDI files for the Accelerated Piano Adventures® Performance Book 2 and the Technique & ArtistryBook 2 are also included on this CD.

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