Music Technology Tips and Product Information

With the technology available today, musicians can study, compose, and record music at the highest levels in their bedroom, on their laptop, or on their phone or tablet. Engadine Music can provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed for your music education and creation.

Music Notation

Notate your composition for a single instrument, or for a full orchestra. Write simple lead sheets and chord charts. Whatever you need, notation programs such as Sibelius, Finale, and Dorico offer you what you need.

Audio & Video Production

Record a simple idea on your instrument, or produce a full album featuring a whole band. Shoot a video with high-quality audio for your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram account. Learn more about products such as Cubase and Pro Tools from innovative companies such as Avid and Steinberg here.


The most important musical skill you can develop? Your ear. Wish to communicate and express your ideas more fully with other musicians? Mastering theory and musicianship is the way to go. For the keys to music mastery, come this way.

Microphone Types

So many makes and models…it can all be a bit confusing if you are not certain which mic is best used for which application. Whilst there are more than the 4 identified below, these mic types will be the most common used in recording (either studio or location) or in performance.
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Studio Monitors

Studio monitors need to provide an accurate representation of your music. Whether you are recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, the monitors need to be as sonically transparent as possible so that the mix will translate well to headphones, in the car, television and other playback systems.
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Audio Cable Buying Guide

So many options; which cable is right for you and your application? Let’s discuss how cables work, which ones connect to what, and how to select the right cable for any given application to maximise sound quality and minimise noise. Continue reading here...

Picking The Right Headphones For The Job At Hand

‘How good are these headphones?’ is a relative concept. The answer to this depends on the end users expectations, application, and their budget.
This guide will help you make the best choice for your situation and budget.

How To Set Up A Home Studio

It is easier than ever to record your music and share it with others. It is also easier than ever to achieve really good results with modern technology in your bedroom, lounge room, the garage, or in a class room. But before we get to that, there are a few basics we will need. Continue reading here

How To Choose An Audio Interface

An essential component of recording today is the audio interface. But what is it, why do you need one, and what will best suit your needs? Our guide to audio interfaces will help you close the right one for you and your your musical goals. Continue reading here...