Michael Moffat

Michael is a talented player and a great teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience behind him. He started learning at the iconic Sydney Nicholson's Music shop and then studied with various teachers including the legendary George Golla.
Michael recalls;
"I remember being fascinated by music from a very young age; but it was probably the early Beatle's guitar riffs that inspired me to learn guitar"
Across his career Michael has played in club bands, toured with a Kenny Rogers tribute band, and done solo/duo Jazz and Classical work at weddings and functions.
When teaching, Michael often plays along with the student to assist in developing tempo and timing. He definitely recommends learning to read music as not everything comes in tablature form. Students are encouraged to use their ear as a final guide when playing.
Why the guitar?
"I love that the guitar can be used to play single melodic lines or complex chords and rhythmic patterns"
On a broader level Michael believes that:
"Learning a musical instrument activates areas of the brain that help students study all kinds of topics. Also, music is the universal language!"

Michael teaches all styles from Classical, through to Jazz, Rock and Blues
and teaches each weekday afternoon at Engadine Music.