Cole Clark Guitars


Cole Clark Acoustic Guitars

Australian made Cole Clark Guitars have applied new understandings to a traditional art; classical construction techniques matched with innovative design to produce quality acoustic instruments that are sonically unique, lighter, stronger and combined with an incredibly natural pickup system that truly reflects the voice of the guitar when amplified.

Founded in 2001 by Adam Cole and Bradley Clark, Cole Clark guitars are constructed from mostly Australian indigenous timbers. This is the only main stream guitar currently building acoustics with a Spanish heel construction. In this the neck is glued to the face along the back and sides, allowing for one piece of wood to reach back all the way to the sound hole. This is one factor in Cole Clark guitars unique sound. Another is the use of the largely sustainable Australian timbers such as Bunya, Queensland Maple, Australian Blackwood and Rosewood. While these timbers share some sonic similarities with traditional European and American tone woods, they have a tonal signature all of their own.

The patented pickup system is also quite unique. Aimed at reproducing the true voice of guitar when amplified, the Cole Clark pickup system is comprised of 3 elements. An under saddle handles the low frequencies, while a face sensor capture the mid and high range, with a condenser mic shelved to only capture extreme highs. All can be blended to taste.

Ultimately it is all about sound and playability. A Cole Clark guitar can loud, lively, subtle or soft.

Why not come in and play one for yourself? We think you’ll be glad you did!