Yamaha YTR 2330 Student Trumpet Review

Yamaha YTR 2330 Student Trumpet Review

The Yamaha YTR 2330 trumpet is the latest offering from Yamaha in their student instrument range. Yamaha’s intent was to create a trumpet that is highly playable for the beginner, easy to manage for the smaller player, and promote good technique and endurance on the instrument. If a student trumpeter has a good experience with their instrument straight away, it can give them a massive confidence boost and generate enthusiasm to keep going.

Great Sound

This is really what any of us would want from an instrument. Some instruments do possess a great sound but the player really needs to work to achieve that result. For a beginner that can be very frustrating. How much better for a student musician to achieve something that sounds good very early on, instead of labouring with an instrument that is difficult or impossible to play? The YTR 2330 has been designed with exactly this result in mind. A student can pick up the trumpet, produce a good sound, and then want to repeat it again and again. And of course that repetition is essential to success with an instrument. The Yamaha student trumpet will set the student musician on the path to success right away.


We want instruments that are reliable for our students. In my time with school band programmes and private music tuition I have seen all manner of instruments of varying degrees of quality and playability. Within a few weeks some of the cheaper Chinese instruments have started to bend and warp due to the very soft metal and inferior construction methods used. Key work has been bent as the instrument has been assembled, ligatures torn in two when attaching a reed to a mouthpiece, buttons and knobs have dropped off for no apparent reason due to the poor materials used in the instrument. 

That is a less than ideal start for a beginner with an instrument. 

Yes, you may pay a little more for a Yamaha student trumpet in the beginning. But any perceived savings will soon be forgotten when the inferior Chinese instrument requires more general maintenance and repair than the Yamaha counterpart. If the Yamaha instrument is well looked after, it will still be a very playable instrument in 20 years time. 

Yamaha offers a generous 3 year warranty on brass and woodwind instruments. We believe that says a lot about the confidence  they have in their instruments and how reliable they are.

Designed With Students In Mind

The YTR 2330 trumpet is constructed with a durable yet light two-piece bell made of yellow brass. The lighter bell allows for better control for the student; especially smaller students who may find the weight of some trumpets a challenge when playing for extended periods of time. 

The other components of the instrument are also designed with the same goal in mind; for playing to be an enjoyable experience  wherein the student musician can focus on their technique and the wonder of playing music, yet also be able to cope with the demands of school life.


Engadine Music are Yamaha Pro Network dealers. This means we can offer you the best price, advice and after-sales service on your Yamaha student trumpet. If you need more information or advice please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in anyway we can.

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Jacquie Walker - December 2, 2018

Evening, just looking at buying my son a Yamaha ytr 2330 or 2330s trumpet. My main question is their any difference between the silver & gold other than asthetics? Does one last longer? If I order on line & have a problem how do I go about it being rectified? I’m in Brisbane. Are their service agents for Yamaha? Thanks Jacquie

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