Yamaha YFL 222 Student Flute Review

Buying a new flute for a student can be quite a challenge. With so many makes, models and options on offer it is easier for the less-experienced to be a little confused and uncertain of which way to go.

Yamaha YFL 222 Student Flute


The Yamaha YFL 222 is one of the most popular student models we sell. While there are cheaper options, the Yamaha range of student instruments, including the YFL 222, has many advantages over the other makes and offers excellent value for money.

How so?

The YFL 222, as with other Yamaha instruments, is a high-quality instrument designed specially for the student. The construction makes it easy to play for the beginner, it is reliable and if looked after will still be very playable in years to come, and, perhaps most importantly, sounds great! Being able to achieve a quality sound on an instrument will draw the beginner back to playing it time and again…unlike an instrument that the student struggles to get any sound out of.


As already mentioned, the YFL 222 will be playable in many years time with minimal servicing and repairs required. Other makes (especially the cheaper instruments from vendors such as Aldi) are generally made of inferior metal with components that can be bent, torn or damaged in the course of regular use. A Yamaha flute will not be subjected to the same fate.

Of course not everyone who starts their musical journey stays with it as anticipated. Kids naturally like to experiment and they might find that the flute is not everything they had hoped to find in an instrument. Another advantage of the Yamaha YFL 222 (and other Yamaha models) over other makes is that a Yamaha will be able to command a higher resale value.  

And buying a Yamaha flute from Engadine Music means you will be able to purchase one at the best price in Australia and receive unsurpassed after-sales service to ensure your flute offers you many hours of enjoyment.

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