The Yamaha Student Instrument Range Advantage

The Yamaha Student Instrument Range Advantage

Yamaha’s student range of brass and woodwind instruments represent the best value for the beginning player. The instruments are easy to play, crafted for perfect intonation and manufactured to a very high standard so they will survive trips to school and lessons with the kids who own them.

Quality instruments give your kids the best possible start to music and the greatest chance of seeing them go on with music for many years.


The right instrument into the right pair of hands is very important, especially at the start. Playing an instrument that performs and responds as expected and is easy for kids to get a start on will make all the difference.


Five things to consider when purchasing a student instrument include:

  1. Easy to Play. Nothing will deter a student more in the first stages of learning than an instrument that is hard to get a note from. Yamaha’s student range of brass and woodwind instruments are designed with this in mind; they are easy to play through and get a result from, which will ensure that their first experience with the instrument is a good one and something they wish to repeat.
  2. Durability. Yamaha instruments are built to last. A kid’s instrument is likely to get a knock or two in its lifetime. Some of the budget line instruments are also manufactured from very soft metals that bend and twist with even careful use. Yamaha instruments are renowned worldwide for their strength and durability. A Yamaha instrument can still be playable in twenty years time. Sadly the same cannot be said for all student brass and woodwind instruments. And all Yamaha brass and wind instruments purchased within Australia are covered by a three year warranty.
  3. Consistency. Yamaha takes great pride in quality control for every instrument made. All are thoroughly tested before leaving the workshop. Technical innovation combined with Yamaha’s traditional techniques produce a consistency that means lesson and practice time can be focussed on learning rather than compensating for an inferior instrument.
  4. Low Maintenance Cost. Such well designed instruments, made from quality materials, are subject to much less wear and tear than others. The result? Far less cost on maintenance and less time with the instrument in the repair shop.
  5. A Sound Investment. As well as the reasons already stated, Yamaha instruments hold their value far more than other brands, so when it is time for your young student to move onto another instrument, the resale value will be far greater than other brands. 


When considering costs and benefits over the lifetime of an instrument and the rewards experienced by the student as they achieve their musical goals, Yamaha brass and wind make a compelling case.

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