The Advantages Of Owning An Electronic Kit

The Advantages Of Owning An Electronic Kit

A drum kit is great fun, but an acoustic drum kit can present a few challenges. Volume is one, portability is another. 

With advances in technology, electronic drum kits offer many benefits to the player in terms of sounds on offer, ease of transport, and the option to play at any time of the day or night.

Freedom To Practice Whenever You Like

Unless you have a soundproofed space to play in, an acoustic drum kit can easily upset the people you live with, and also your neighbours. While the volume can be minimised by various means, it is still not as quiet as an electronic kit. 

And an electronic kit will feature built-in metronomes, play-long tracks, and most will feature an auxiliary input so that you can plug in an audio player and practice with actual songs whenever you like. 

Get The Right Sound

Even entry-level electronic drum kits will feature a few different drum kits. Some feature hundreds of sounds. For practice or performance, being able to dial in the right sounds for the songs or genre you are playing makes everything so much better.

Advantages When Playing Live

Being able to control volume when playing live is more prevalent than ever. Many gigs have strict volume control now; the days of amp stacks and massive drum kits are over for the most part. 

With an electronic kit, you can get the sounds you want from the module, but at a manageable level. And there is no need for mics on the kit, which also reduces setup time and stage clutter.

It’s Portable

And most are quite compact. An electronic kit can be easily moved around and transported to a gig. Setup and pack-up can be done in a few minutes. 

And They Are Great For Recording

An electronic kit allows drummers to take advantage of MIDI recording and sample libraries. This allows for tracks to be recorded, and then individual notes to be edited, or for the entire drum kit to be changed after the fact by simply selecting a different kit in the module. Drum sample libraries also allow you to access other drum kits and sounds not contained within the module that came with your instrument.

Below are a few of the electronic kits we recommend for quality of sound, great features, and value for money:

D-Tronic EDQ2P Electronic Drum Kit Package 

D'Tronic Electronic Drum Kit
D-tronic drum-kits include everything you need – a drum stool, set of
headphones, drumsticks and a stick bag. Perfect for starting out.

Yamaha DTX452KPlus Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit

The DTX452KPLUS pack contains a DTX452 drum kit w/bass drum pedal plus the DS550 drum stool, HPH50B headphones and a pair of 5A hickory drum sticks. Easy setup with rack pre-assembled so you spend less time setting up and more time playing!

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX532 Electronic Kit

The Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit PLUS PACKAGE features the DTX-PAD snare, plus real hi-hat and 3-zone cymbal pads that allow true drum playing techniques to be developed. The Yamaha DTX532K packs as many features as they can put in while keeping the price reasonable and without sacrificing quality.

Yamaha DTX582 Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX582 Electronic Drum Kit

The flagship of the 502 series, the DTX 582 features DTX-PADs for snare and toms, a real hi-hat trigger, large 3-zone cymbals, and the big KP100 kick pad, which can easily accommodate a double foot pedal. The superb feel of the DTX-PADs and the rock-solid stability of the KP100 make this an unbeatable kit in its class, perfect for performing on stage or extended practice sessions at home. Bass Drum pedal sold separately.

Looking for something else in an electronic kit? Check out out other listings here, or email us to discuss what else is available, or for any further information you may require.


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