Rode VideoMic Me Review

Rode VideoMic Me Review

The quality of camera on my iPhone is outstanding, but the audio isn’t always on par with the video. If you want to improve the quality of the audio in your video then the VideoMic Me from Rode might just be the answer.
I often use my iPhone to create quick videos for Facebook and Youtube, capturing an idea or recording my own practice sessions so I can both listen and watch my playing and see what I need to correct. When I was teaching guitar regularly I would also quickly film something for students if I felt they needed a little more to go away with for practice over the coming week. Modern phones are ideal for this sort of thing and with a camera mic such as this, the increase in audio quality is quite significant.
The mic itself is very easy to use on the iPhone. I can only imagine it would be the same for other compatible makes of phones. You simply connect it to the headphone socket and adjust the mounting bracket and your done.
I recorded a quick example with my Taylor acoustic and for the amount of effort it took to shoot the video (mere seconds to connect the mic to the camera, set the camera on my desk and press record) the end result was pretty good, though if someone wanted to further improve the audio they could of course edit the audio in a DAW such as Cubase or Pro Tools. For only $80 this is an excellent microphone.

Compact Lightweight Directional Mic for Smart Devices
Minimises Ambient Sounds
Rear Headset Output Enables Headphone Use for Monitoring/Calls
Excellent for Recording Vlogs, Podcasts, Interviews and Everyday Video
Cut Unwanted Wind Noise with Included Wind Sock
Adjustable Mounting Bracket Fits a Variety of Devices

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