Mooer Micro Preamp Range

Mooer Micro Preamp Range

Mooer micro preamps are digital recreations of preamp sections of classic and boutique amplifiers. The technology has been developed by analysing and modelling the response of the amplifier to capture the sound, touch and feel of each, and then reproduce that in pedal form.

Each micro preamp features dual channel operation, integrated speaker cab simulation than can be bypassed as required, and dual operating modes to suit the needs of the user.

The micro preamp series can be inserted in the effects return of a guitar cabinet with speaker simulation bypassed, or can be connected directly to a computer audio interface for recording, a powered monitor or straight into the P.A. for performance.


The preamps feature:

. Highly quality dual preamp

. Independent 3-band EQ, gain, and volume controls for each channel

. Speaker simulation that can be turned on or off as required

. Two different modes for footswitch operation: on/off or channel A/B.

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