Improving rhythm and timing for all musicians

Roland EC10 Cajon

No matter what instrument you play, having a strong sense of rhythm is essential. And easy this includes vocalists as well!





A great way to work on rhythm is by playing a percussion instrument. The cajon is my favourite, but the djembe, bongos, or many others are also great for this.

By learning to play a percussion instrument you will:

. massively improve your understanding of rhythm and sense of  beat.
  This will carry over into every instrument you play.

. great fun to play. 

. they make a great second instrument to play 

. easy to transport and there is no setup required!

. getting a good sound is easy and even simple rhythms can add to a performance.

. they don’t have to cost a lot.


We always have a great selection of percussion instruments in store. Why not come in and try some out for yourself?

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