Check your Guitar neck when winter hits! - By Luke our repair dude

Check your Guitar neck when winter hits! - By Luke our repair dude

Did you know that the weather can completely change how your guitar feels to play? You may notice as we come into winter and the temperature drops significantly whilst the humidity rises, that your guitar strings may either slap against the frets and be unable to produce a proper note or that the strings are much higher than they once were. You are not alone! This is a common issue guitar players combat, and it is easily solved with the right know-how.

To put it simply the wood acts like a sponge, and absorbs the water in the air causing it to expand. This can result in the frets raising ever so slightly up, or the tension in the neck to change stopping it from remaining flat giving it a strange looking curve. This curve may not be noticeable to the average learner, but if you gaze down the neck and strings you may notice a slight dip in the neck around the middle of the fretboard.

Because of this, guitarists generally need to check the neck relief on their guitars whenever there has been a significant change in temperature or climate. A change in weather - whether it's temperature or humidity - can significantly alter the playability of your guitar.

To help combat this, Engadine Music is offering FREE neck checkups and adjustments for any guitar restrings booked in between June 15th - July 31st. Book your guitar in today to have it looked at and make sure it has fresh strings and a smooth playing neck!
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