7 Tips For Smashing A Band Audition

7 Tips For Smashing A Band Audition

Want to smash the audition? Follow our 7 tips and you will!


  1. Be prepared.
    Over-prepare the songs you are going to play so that if you get nervous or have a brain fade muscle memory will kick in. But preparation goes beyond just learning the songs. Make sure you have any accessories you require (spare strings and picks, capo, reeds, etc) with you. Speaking as a guitarist, have a spare guitar with you in case you break a string (assuming you have a second guitar).
    Make sure you know where the audition will be held, how you will get there, what the load in is like, how long you need to get your gear in and setup, which leads me to my next tip.
  2. Be Early.
    Show the band you are serious and reliable from the start. A first impression is something you only get to make once so make it a good one!
  3. Be Friendly and Smile.
    Being in a band can be wonderful thing. Some of the most intense and personal relationships you will have in your life will be with your band mates. If you are auditioning for an already established band, then they will want to like you, because you will probably end up spending a lot of time together. Be the guy or girl other people want to spend a lot of time together from the start.
  4. Listen
    Understand what it is the band is asking of you. Listen to their directions. If the band director asks you to do something (like turn down your amp) then do so without attitude. Listen to the dynamic of the band and play with them not over them.
  5. Be Positive
    The band wants to know what you can bring to the table to work in with what they are doing and where they are going. They want to you to contribute to that. Leave negativity at the door. Working with other people in any context involves compromise. So the drummer has an idea for a song you think is terrible. Consider it from their perspective. They might not like all your suggestions either! 
  6. Ask Questions
    Know what it is you are getting into. What will be expected of you? How often will you rehearse? How often will you gig? Who pays for what? While you are auditioning for the band, they are also auditioning for you. Having as much knowledge about what they expect will allow you to make an informed decision if they offer you the spot. 
  7. Thank Them For The Opportunity
    Be the person you would want to be in a band with. Gratitude goes a long way in life in any and every situation. They’ve given their time for you so make sure you thank them for that and the opportunity.
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