Online Band Reading Day 2021

Welcome to our interactive online reading day!

This year due to Covid our reading day is a little different than what most would be used to, but rather than give it a miss completely we figured we would still give you the opportunity to experience some of the latest releases to help with your 2021 program music choices.

The selections this year focus on Concert band music from grades 0.5 to 3.5, and are a mix of new titles and some new arrangements of old favourites.

All of these charts can be listened to and viewed by simply clicking on the ‘Listen’ button on each chart, which will open up into a new tab leaving the full list still accessible on the original page.

As a special offer you can receive 10% off the advertised prices for all of these featured charts by simply adding the item to your shopping cart and using the code READ21 in the checkout when you are ready to place your order. If you don’t have the ability to pay by credit card or PayPal you can select the ‘Invoice to school account’ as your payment method.

We hope you enjoy listening and viewing these charts, and hope to catch up with you all soon. If you have any questions or need us to put together a school quote please email

If you haven’t done so already please watch the video above for a welcome message from the head of our events team Belinda.

Happy listening,

Engadine Music


Concert Band Charts Grade 0.5

Danza Africana     Cool Moose   Danza Feliz     Great Beginnings     Kitchen Musician

Concert Band Charts Grade 1

Thrill Ride     Engines of Resistance     Panther Rising     Abandoned Toy Shop     Down By The Salley Gardens     It’s Raining Tacos

Concert Band Charts Grade 1.5

Mozart and Company     This Land (Lion King)     Defenders Of The Realm     In A New York Jam     Off Kilter     Tin Man Does The Iron City     Crazy For Cartoons     Spirit Of The Wolf     In The Groove     The Cuckoo     Let It Be     A Million Dreams (Greatest Showman)

Concert Band Charts Grade 2

Wizards Unite (Harry Potter)     Never Ending Story     Never Too Late (The Lion King)     To Dance With Storm Clouds     Thrills & Trills!     Knights of Dunvegan

Concert Band Charts Grade 2.5

3, 2, 1...     Flamingo Road     Heart Of Gold

Concert Band Charts Grade 3

Jimmy Buffett - The Hits     Strike Up The Band      Amazing Grace     On The Fields Of Glory    On Fire!

Concert Band Charts Grade 3.5

Dances Of A Shimmering Spirit