Steinberg Release Cubase 9.5

Steinberg Release Cubase 9.5

Steinberg is proud to introduce version 9.5 of Cubase.
Cubase 9.5 significantly enhances the workflow, the quality and the creative tool set of your favourite digital audio workstation, with amazing new features and useful improvements.

Top 5 Reasons to Update

  •  64-bit floating-point mixing engine performs each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency
  • Ultra-precise automation curves for creating and editing smooth transitions and musical build-ups
  • Superior workflow with event-based offline processing, enhanced zone concepts and Adapt to Zoom grid mode
  • 16 insert slots for VST effects on each track plus freely adjustable Pre/Post Fader separator
  • Refined Metronome with Click Pattern Editor and assignable patterns for the Signature Track

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