Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal

Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal

Fender, the most iconic brand in modern music, is renowned world-wide for their guitars, basses, and amplification. And now they have added an incredible range of effects pedals to their line-up; these pedals are of the highest quality in both terms of construction and tone. Offering overdrives, distortions, delays, reverbs, modulation effects and more, these effects will help you shape the tones you seek for your own playing. 
Many pedals try and emulate the sound of an overdriven *valve amp. Instead of simply releasing another Tubescreamer variant, Fender instead opted to use an actual NOS US-made 6205 preamp valve in the MTG pedal to create the saturation and distortion associated with classic rock and blues guitar tones. More of a metal head or djent guy? This pedal still has a place, helping to tighten up and refine the heavily overdrive tones of your amp. 


  • Real tube-driven distortion pedal
  • NOS 6205 preamp valve
  • 3-Band EQ; Boost with Gain and Level controls
  • LED-backlit knobs; Fender Amp Jewel LED
  • Standard 9VDC center-negative power connection
In this video we’ve paired this pedal with a Squier Thinline Classic Vibe Tele…what a great combination!
If you’re in the market for an overdrive pedal that is incredibly versatile and sounds great, this is worth a look. 
Why not come in store and try one out for yourself?
*Valve and tube are interchangeable terms, with Americans typically favouring the term ‘tube’ over valve.
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