Zildjian A Classic Orchestral Hand Cymbal Pair 18

SKU A0759
These special cymbals have an immediate response and at the same time, the power to sustain the most brilliant of cymbal sounds. They incorporate control, feel, and playability with an overpowering brilliance. Recommended for use in all orchestral performance situations. Brilliant Finish top, Traditional Finnish bottom. CATEGORY: A ZILDJIAN CLASSIC ORCHESTRAL SERIES SKU: A0759 TYPE: HAND SIZE: 18 IN. / 45.72 CM. WEIGHT: MEDIUM THIN FINISH: BRILLIANT FINISH TOP, TRADITIONAL FINISH BOTTOM BELL SIZE: MEDIUM PROFILE: MEDIUM-LOW PITCH: LOW TO MID SOUND: DARK/MID VOLUME: PROJECT BALANCE: BLEND SUSTAIN: MEDIUM SKILL LEVEL: ADVANCED, PROFESSIONAL

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