Yamaha YFL 472-GL Intermediate Flute with Gold Lip Plate

by Yamaha
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In crafting the Yamaha YFL 472 flute, the designers looked to their past and the lessons learnt from developing and perfecting the handmade and professional models. The essence, the magic, of these flutes was brought into the design of the YFL 472 range. 

The YFL 472 flutes are carefully hand-adjusted and tested by artisans before leaving the factory. Designed for players of all levels to achieve beautiful tones and play beautiful music, the YFL 472 range offers accurate intonation, excellent response to the player’s touch and broad tonal colours.

The YFL 472-GL comes with a gold lip plate, designed to guide toward proper breath utilization , keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability Yamaha flutes have become bestsellers worldwide.

The 400 series flutes feature a head-joint, body and foot-joint made from 92.5% pure sterling silver; the same material the more expensive professional models are crafted from, for rich, warm tones with enhanced projection. 


CY Head joint

Featuring a double flare taper and a unique embouchure hole undercut design for excellent response and a warm rich tone, the CY head joint helps beginners quickly learn to produce a beautiful sound. More advanced players will appreciate its even, quick response in all registers.

Key Types

Many advanced players prefer the open feel of Ring keys for subtle control of their tone. Intermediate and Standard model French system flutes come with key plugs to seal the hole until players have become adept at covering the holes with their fingers.

Key Posts

Key posts have been thickened and redesigned for improved durability and strength to maintain accurate rod alignment.


All key shapes and placement have been ergonomically designed for a comfortable, natural-feeling performance. The keys are hand-assembled and adjusted for perfect balance and 'touch.'

Split E Mechanism

This key helps give more stability and better centered intonation to the high E.

Key Systems

Offset G. Many players find the Offset G configuration easier to play. Often teachers recommend that beginners start on these flutes, while more and more advanced players are also choosing this natural feeling configuration.

Pointed Key Arms

A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms. This beautiful key design is inspired by traditional European style.

Adjustment Screws

Yamaha's unique screw resistance inserts allow smooth adjustments while preventing gradual loosing of the screws. For easier access, the screw positioning has been changed.

Alignment Marks

Foot joint alignment marks facilitate proper fitting by young players.

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