Yamaha THR10C Guitar Amplifier

by Yamaha
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The Yamaha THR10C Amplifier takes the concept of a practice amp to a new level of audio fidelity. 

A guitarist appreciates an amplifier that responds to the player’s touch. Dynamics and playing style add as much tot he overall tone as the choice of guitar and pickup selection. The THR10C amp recreates the feel of a classic valve amp through the use of Yamaha’s VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology. 


The THR series of amplifiers was born from a team of guitarists searching for the ultimate tone. This range of amps has succeeded in this, delivering the tone and playability sough after by discerning players. Combine the classic stones with quality effects to push the player to new depths of expression. The THR10 amps also deliver this sought-after tone at low volume (something classic valve amps struggle to achieve) so they can be played at anytime of the day or night, and (thanks to the option of battery power) in any location.


Five electric guitar amp types, as well as a bass amp, acoustic amp and flat response channel are included. 


Electric guitar amp models include:

  • Deluxe. Modelled of a classic American valve amp design, with twin 6V6 valves in the output stage and low gain preamp for loads of headroom before breakup. 
  • Class A. Modelled off A Class-A configuration with 4 EL84 valves and interactive EQ for complex tones and warm overdrive.Classic British tones.
  • US Blues. Low power, low gain design with twin EL84 valves offering clarity and note definition.
  • Brit Blues. KT88 Valve tone for early breakup and rich midrange overdriven tones.
  • Mini. Based on a preamp with a 12AX7 and power amp with a single EL84, this is a no-frills tone monster with exceptional response to the player’s touch and sense of dynamics.
  • Bass
  • Acoustic
  • Flat response - bypass tone-shaping from the amp and listen to the ‘true’ sound of your guitar, or listen to music through this setting.



The effects also feature Yamaha’s VCM technology, offering up unsurpassed realism and exceptional tonal quality.  VCM effects capture the subtle nuances of analog effects that most digital simulations cannot recreate.


THR amps were developed in conjunction with Yamaha’s AV division to deliver true Hi-Fi stereo sound. In turn this brings a new experience in guitar amplifiers. The speakers has been designed to handle both guitar and stereo playback simultaneously, serving up amazing tone not found elsewhere in amps of this size. And with the Extended Stereo Technology a wide and spacious audio image is evident every time. 


THR Session is a featured iOS app which interacts with the THR amplifier. Slow down songs without losing audio quality, change pitch or setup loop points to learn the tricky parts. IT is even possible to cancel out the original guitar art form the track. This makes the THR amp an awesome practice tool. The THR Editor, which may be downloaded from the Yamaha website, allows for deep editing of effects and amp parameters. 


The amp can be powered from the supplied AC adapter or battery power. 


Bundled with Cubaes AI, offering a full recording suite for your computer. The THR10 will serve as a USB interface for your guitar signal and also offer high-quality monitoring your tracks. 


An AUX In allows for direct injection from an audio source, such as phone, iPod or iPad.


A user memory function allows for up to 5 amp settings to be saved for quick recall. 


A tap tempo function and tuner easily allow for setting of correct delay times and accurate tuning.


The Yamaha THR10C is on sale now at Engadine Music.

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