Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Fusion Drum Kit and HW780 Single-braced 700 Series Hardware Set BONUS 8" Rack Tom Mounting System

by Yamaha
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The new Stage Custom Birch series features 100% Birch Shells and Yess suspension tom mounts, making the world-famous Yamaha birch sound available to everyone.  Complete with a set of Yamaha’s famous hardware the Fusion configuration contains a 20”x17” bass drum, 10”x7” and 12”x8” mounted toms, a 14”x13” floor tom and a matching 14”x5.5” snare.

Included with the Stage Birch Custom Drum Kit is the HW780 single-braced hardware set, featuring 2 cymbal stands, hi-hat stands, foot pedal and snare stand

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