Yamaha NP31 Touch Sensitive Keyboard

by Yamaha

The Yamaha NP31 Touch Sensitive Keyboard comes equipped with Yamaha’s legendary sampled grand piano voice for true, realistic tone, but built into a compact unit that makes this a truly ‘personal’ piano


The key features of the NP11 include:

  • Slim, light and compact design

  • Graded Soft Touch Keyboard

  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

  • Built-In Stereo Speaker System

  • Piano Preset Songs

  • Can be powered via battery or AC adaptor

  • Auto Power Off mode


Slim, Light and Compact

You can carry it in with one hand - it’s that light!


Graded Soft Touch Keyboard
The 76-key piano-style keyboard gives the feel and dynamics of a real piano, with lower notes heavy in response and the higher notes lighter to the touch.


Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

Advanced Wave Memory sampling creates superb wave data that mirrors the sound and expression of the original instrument. A rich, unique sound is created by the use of multiple waveforms.


Built-In Stereo Speaker System

The speaker system in the NP31 is highly efficient, generating quality sounds but still following the design brief of being light and compact.


Piano Preset Songs

Preset piano songs are included, along with voice demo songs, to show you what this unit is capable of in terms of sound and expression.


Auto Power Off Mode

A new, eco-friendly mode that turns the power of automatically if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time (30 minutes) to avoid unnecessary use of power.


On sale now at Engadine Music Store.

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