Yamaha DXS15MKII 15" Powered Subwoofer

by Yamaha
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DXS Series powered subwoofers offer a new level of flexibility, reliability, and power for engineers, artists and audiences that are serious about their bass. Featuring high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers and a customised woofer housed in a sturdy enclosure with a band-pass construction, DXS subwoofers are able to deliver up to 1020W of raw power with minimal distortion and superb clarity. Optional speaker cover (SPCVR-DXS152) and castor set (SPW-1) also available.


  • D-XSUB DSP technology for additional dynamic control of the frequency range
  • Selectable X-OVER frequency (80/100/120 Hz)
  • Cardioid mode for controlling the output directivity of a system’s low end frequencies (requires two or more units)
  • 40 Hz–150 Hz frequency range
  • Maximum output level of 135 dB SPL
  • 15" low frequency driver with 2.5" voice coil.

High-Efficiency 1020W Class-D Amplifiers
The DXS’s high-performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing up to 1020W of power, and a maximum SPL of 136dB, delivered with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Both the DXS15mkII and DXS12mkII can produce 3dB more SPL than previous models.

Band-Pass Type Enclosure
All DXS Series enclosures incorporate a band-pass design to reduce unwanted vibrations and noise that could otherwise sabotage your sound. We've also designed a very durable plywood enclosure which, when combined with the band-pass configuration, tested better than the traditional bass-reflex design and reduced distortion considerably, making it possible to achieve a higher SPL.

Durable, Portable, and Road-Ready.
Ergonomic and compatible features just made your system setup and transport a whole lot easier.

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