Yamaha CGX122MSC Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar

by Yamaha
The Yamaha CGX122MSC acoustic electric classical guitar features traditional classical guitar construction, with the addition of a cutaway design and Yamaha's A.R.T. 2-way pickup system. 

Through extensive research and analysis, Yamaha has succeeded in blending the best of traditional Spanish guitar making techniques with modern technology to make the CGX122MSC a very playable and affordable guitar.

It is constructed using solid Spruce for the top, nato (mahogany) for the back and sides, and rosewood for the fingerboard and bridge. The construction of the CGX122MSC draws on the experience, knowledge and techniques of Yamaha luthiers.

Yamaha designs and manufactures their own pickups and preamps, and the CGX122MSC uses the A.R.T System 61. The pickup in this system is designed with a multilayer structure consisting of six layers of different materials, including wood, rubber, and metal. Because the pickup is installed directly beneath the top, body resonance of the guitar is faithfully reproduced.

Yamaha classical guitar craftsmen learned the fine art of guitar making directly from the masters. Under the tutelage of Manuel Hernandez and Eduardo Ferrer, Yamaha craftsmen acquired skills that have been handed down from master to apprentice for generations. These acquired skills are put to use every day in the making of Yamaha classical guitars.

The Yamaha CGX122MSC classical guitar delivers exceptional quality, durability and cost performance, and most importantly, a very pleasing sound.

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