Yamaha Bb Cornet Silverplated YCR6335HSUK

by Yamaha
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Yamaha Maestro Cornet 6335HSUK

"Yamaha Maestro cornets have been designed after careful study of all the great instruments of the past and consultation with leading soloists. They combine the beautiful traditional cornet sound with the accurate intonation and improved response of modern state-of-the-art brass technology.
The Yamaha 6335HSUK Maestro Cornet was designed in collaboration with British cornet legend Phillip McCann, and features a heavy wall construction. Triggers are provided on both 1st and 3rd valve slides for fine tuning adjustments"

    •    Heavyweight Bb cornet

    •    Yellow-brass bell

    •    Bell: 125.5mm (5")

    •    L bore: 11.9mm (0.469")

    •    Clear lacquer finish

    •    1st & 3rd valve slide triggers

    •    Mouthpiece: 16E


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