Vox StompLab GI Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

by Vox
Our Price: $119.00

The Vox StompLab GI combines a powerful multi-effects processor with a durable and attractive metal casing to produce some great guitar sounds.

The StompLab categorises sounds by style; such as rock,blues, ballads, making it easy to locate the desired sound for the song at hand!

There are ten variations offered within each category - so you are sure to find something you like - and up to 8 effects models can be used simultaneously - so you can take your sound to the next level and beyond.

With its great looks, great sounds and sturdy construction, the StompLab will provide years of service.


Features include:

Number of Presets: 120 (20 user and 100 Preset)

Audio Input: 1

Audio Output: Output/Phones (Stereo Standard)

Signal Processing: A/D conversion 24-Bit, D/A Conversion 24-Bit


Calibration Range: A=438HZ to 445HZ

Includes four AA batteries.


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