Vocal Exercises

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Vocal strength is essential to producing a good sound, singing with control and confidence, and singing for many years. A weak voice is one thattires easily, one that is inconsistent in sound quality and/or pitch an d dynamics, and one that gives out many years before the singer is readyto stop singing. Vocal strength is not all about singing loudly, it's a bout singing well. The exercises and musical selections in this book aredesigned to help singers hone and refine their skills to develop the ki nd of control and consistency professional singers need to compete and find work. But mastering these skills is not just a task for professionalsingers – amateur singers who work on the exercises in this book will find singing easier and more fun with each new level of control they achieve. The CD contains demos for listening, and separate backing tracks so you can sing along. In addition to vocal exercises, several songsare included for practice, including: Danny Boy • The House of the Rising Sun •ÊLook for the Silver Lining • Sometimes I Feel li ke a Motherless Child • and more.

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