Tromba Plastic Trombone

by Tromba

WAS $249

The latest in plastic trombones, from Tromba – a fully playable, precision-made instrument.

The latest technology is used to ultrasonically weld the main joints (rather than glue) – this makes it stronger, and also reduces the weight to only 750 grams.

One-piece bell section is much stronger and reduces the risk of damage by mutes.

Pre-polished slide sections make for a much smoother action from the start.

The main slide section has a rounded bow for improved air flow. There is also a bump stop to help prevent any damage when resting on the floor etc.

Improvements to the water valve make it self-sealing when operated to ensure a full seal when released.

Grips and braces are rounded and smaller, and more suited to small hands. It also gives Tromba a more traditional look.

The balance weight in the tuning slide is a part of the molding of the tuning slide brace so there is no risk of it coming off or rattling.


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