The Concepts of Music Multimedia Resource for Elective Music DVD

by Cengage
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By Nick Peterson. 

Finally an elective music resource that puts the FUN back into teaching and learning – in a teacher pack containing a music video DVD and a CD of resources.

The highly entertaining Loop the Loop musical video performance plus carefully developed notes and worksheets, together give students explicit insight into the construction of music. By seeing exceptional musicians utilising the minimalist techniques of loop pedal artistry, students can enjoy an ideal introduction to listening and score reading skills.

This exciting new multimedia resource for elective music classes completes the popular Concepts of Music series by Nick Peterson.

Students: Year Level 9 and 10
Suitable For: New South Wales, New South Wales / ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. 



To the teacher


The loop pedal

'Texture and ‘Improv 1’
'Duration and ‘Beard’
'Pitch and ‘Luke Edwards’
'Tone colour and ‘Bottle’
'Structure and ‘Improv 2’
'Dynamics and expressive techniques and ‘Hat-trick’
‘Body Percussion’
‘Funk Fight’
‘Found Sound’
‘Time Out’
‘Mini instruments’
‘Running Race’


Loop the Loop musical performance on DVD guaranteed to hold students attention

25 sequential listening lessons supported by notes and worksheets

Addresses elective music requirements in all states

Glossary of terms


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