Take Your Bow - Double Bass

SKU TCL018076
By Celia Cobb, Naomi Yandell.

The Take Your Bow series comprises four individual volumes - for violin, viola, cello and double bass, each with piano accompaniment - as well as a separate full score. Every piece in each book is compatible with those for the other instruments, in any combination, making them series an excellent resource for both individual and group teaching. Recordings of the piano accompaniment are also available to be downloaded for free.

"The authors of the series, Celia Cobb and Naomi Yandell, have drawn on their extensive teaching experience to produce pieces which, we feel, will delight and engage learners. They've included a range of adventurous playing techniques that will provide beginner students with an exciting challenge and really help them start to grow as musicians" - Ulrike Lucht-Lorenz, Trinity College London Press Head of Music Publishing.

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