Street Samba, Groves & Moore Percussion Ensemble Easy Grade

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This festive piece showcases Samba Batucada and Samba Reggae grooves, call and response work between repinique and large group, plus improvised solo. The repinique part requires an experienced player, to lead the ensemble as well as improvise. All other parts are fully notated and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced players.

Guaranteed to raise cheers indoors or out, Street Samba is vibrant experience for players and audience alike.


for 12+ Players: Samba Whistle, Chocalho (or tambourine) & Shekere, Ganza (or metal cylinder shaker), Agogo Bells, Tamborim (or djembe), Repinique (or high timbale), Caixa (or snare drum), Bongos, Congas, 3rd Surdo (or med tom), 2nd Surdo (or med floor tom), 1st Surdo (or low floor tom)

Sample Score

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