Steinberg UR-RT4 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface with Rupert Neve Transformers

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The UR-RT4 is a premium six input, four output USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface with switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers on the front inputs. Combined with the onboard, high-quality D-PRE preamps, the Rupert Neve Designs transformers deliver a musical, more expressive sound with rich harmonics, which is especially beneficial for vocals, acoustic guitar and other instruments with a versatile dynamic range.

Offering a studio quality, mobile production platform with a range of input/output options for laptop and iPad, the onboard SSP2 DSP chip also delivers zero-latency FX for monitoring. The robust UR-RT4 is engineered to offer outstanding quality for its price class, making it the ideal portable production interface for PC, Mac or iOS.


The premium UR-RT series provides high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and comprises the UR-RT2 and UR-RT4 mobile interfaces with switchable Rupert Neve Designs input transformers.

Best audio quality for mobile production

Both UR-RT series units successfully combine rugged durability, easy connection to mobile devices, such as laptops and iPads, with superb sound quality. Added to the high-quality D-PRE preamps, the inclusion of switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers on the front inputs adds exceptional musicality, expressiveness and rich harmonics, delivering the most professional sound for your music projects.

Fully compatible with all DAWs

UR-RT2 and UR-RT4 are compatible with all audio editing, mastering and music production software that supports the ASIO, Core Audio or WDM standards. Installing the driver is simple and seamlessly integrates the UR-RT with your favorite audio software. The latest dspMixFX technology provides latency-free monitoring with DSP-powered FX wherever you are and with whichever DAW you use.

Connect to Cubase

Cubase owners benefit from additional features, such as the auto-setup functionality, which enables the complete I/O setup to be handled directly from within Cubase. UR-RT2 and UR-RT4 include Cubase AI, a lean version of Steinberg’s advanced music production system, and also work with the included Cubasis LE iOS app to form a full-on mobile recording and production solution for the iPad.

About Rupert Neve Designs

From the early days of audio recording and production, the name Rupert Neve has been inextricably linked with outstanding quality sound. A true recording technology pioneer, fully deserving of the description “living legend”, the sound of Rupert Neve equipment has featured on countless iconic recordings in almost every conceivable genre. Rupert Neve Designs products are used by the most discerning professionals in the pro audio, film and broadcast industries; they continue to captivate and inspire well into the 21st century.

Real legendary sound

The name Rupert Neve is inextricably linked with outstanding quality sound, with Rupert Neve Designs products used by the most discerning professionals in the pro audio, film and broadcast industries. The inclusion of two Rupert Neve Designs transformers in the UR-RT2 and four Rupert Neve Designs transformers in the UR-RT4 delivers this legendary, high-end studio sound from real hardware, without software emulation — a landmark development for a truly mobile audio interface.

D-PRE microphone preamps

The UR-RT audio interfaces offer D-PRE Class-A discrete mic preamps from Yamaha. The D-PRE is carefully designed to capture all the subtleties and expressiveness of any audio source and is the culmination of years of development by the experienced engineers at the Yamaha Corporation. This mic preamp has a very wide frequency range so that it can handle any music source and it does not overly amplify any specific components of the signal. It’s beautifully tuned to be able to capture the true expression of a given performance or audio source, while leaving flexibility for later editing. The end result is that the D-PRE provides a sound that is a perfect amalgamation of understated signal enhancement combined with impeccable sonic integrity.

DSP power

Powered by Yamaha’s custom-designed SSP2 DSP chip, you now can enjoy the benefits of dspMixFx technology, which offers latency-free monitoring together with the highly acclaimed REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics for users of any DAW software. When using Cubase all the advanced monitoring capabilities are fully integrated into the application’s GUI by True Integrated Monitoring technology.

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