Sibelius Annual Subscription Crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic

by Avid
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Sibelius music notation software allows you to deliver beautiful and expressive sheet music with its comprehensive tools for composing, editing, playing, printing, publishing and sharing music.

Compose and Edit

Sibelius is the fastest and easiest way to create and edit scores. Features such as magnetic layout, dynamic parts, the timeline window, and a toolset including flexitime MIDI input, keyboard and fretboard windows, as well as other options for input. This means you can create complex musical scores quickly with Sibelius.

Play, Perform & Share Your Sheet Music

Sibelius makes it easy to play back your scores with stunning realism. The included Sibelius Sounds library gives you access to a plethora of professional-quality instrument samples. And Sibelius is also compatible with both VST and AU plug-ins, giving you even more freedom for playback of your music. 
You also sync Sibelius with Pro Tools and other popular audio software via Rewire.

Layout Export & Print Your Sheet Music

With Sibelius it is easy to create professional and beautiful scores with the full range of desktop publishing tools included. And you can easily export and share your publisher-quality scores as PDFs with just one click.

Special Notations

Sibelius lets you easily create stunning sheet music. Slurs, stemlets, beamed rests and arpeggio lines can be added and positioned automatically, saving you lots of work and frustration. 

New Features 

Write music with a pen on a Surface Pro

Add notes and comments directly on the score

Interact with scores using multi-touch gestures

Scan and transcribe music with ease

Get up and running faster than ever

Work faster and see more detailed beauty on Windows

Gain the competitive edge with new Sibelius training


Get easy access to the world’s best-selling music notation tool

In addition to Sibelius being available to own and upgrade as before, you can now subscribe on a low-cost monthly or annual basis, enabling you to access the latest version of the software affordably at any time and pay only when you need it. And you’ll have access to all future Sibelius updates and upgrades as soon as they’re available through the included Avid upgrade plan, as well as to expert help.


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