Rock Music Styles: A History

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By Katherine Charlton.

Rock Music Styles: A History takes students on a musical journey through the development of rock music from its origins to its most contemporary styles. Charlton uses in-depth summaries and descriptions paired with a historical background to help immerse students in different musical genres. Learning from featured performers throughout the text and exploring important songs in new and revised Listening Guides, students will be able to draw connections between musical developments throughout the decades. This eighth edition provides students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of rock music styles in the 20th century and beyond.

Chapter One: Roots of Rock Music

Chapter Two: Urban Blues and Rhythm and Blues

Chapter Three: Gospel and Country Roots of Rock

Chapter Four: Early Rock and Roll Chapter Five: Teen-Styled Rock Music

Chapter Six: Soul and Motown

Chapter Seven: The British Invasion: The Beatles versus the Stones

Chapter Eight: The British Invasion Continues and America Reacts

Chapter Nine: Folk, Folk-Rock, and Singer/Songwriters

Chapter Ten: Psychedelic Rock

Chapter Eleven: Country and Jazz-Styled Rock

Chapter Twelve: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

Chapter Thirteen: Progressive and Glitter Rock

Chapter Fourteen: Ska and Reggae

Chapter Fifteen: Punk Rock and New Wave

Chapter Sixteen: Funk and Disco

Chapter Seventeen: Hip-Hop and Rap

Chapter Eighteen: Pop and Alternative Styles

Chapter Nineteen: Alienated and Back to the Roots Rock

Chapter Twenty: Rock in the Nineteen Nineties

Chapter Twenty-One: Rock in the Early Two-Thousands

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