Research in Music Education: An Introduction to Systematic Inquiry

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By Edward L. Rainbow.

This innovative text emphasizes a conceptual approach to research methodology in music education. Believing that techniques are only as good as the thought processes behind them. Rainbow and Froehlich present the "why" and "what" as much as the "how to", stressing the relationship between the purpose of a study and its subsequent methodological considerations. Part One presents the thought processes of research, describing its conceptual aspects and explaining both the need to understand the scientific process and development of an inquisitive mind. Part Two illustrates the development of a research purpose from topics pertinent to the field of study; describes the relationship between the purpose and specific research questions/problems; and demonstrates the critical thought process that is essential to establishing a coherent rationale. Part Three provides an in-depth study of research techniques, focusing on three modes of inquiry: historical, philosophical, and empirical. Part Four centres on the details of writing dissertations, theses, and research reports. Also included are discussions of research ethics and the imperative of ethical behaviour in the community of scholars.

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