Paiste Orchestral Cymbals With Strap 18 Inch PST 5

by Paiste
Our Price: $299.00
SKU 665018

PST 5 Band Cymbals are designed for universal contemporary concert, band and marching applications. They feature Paiste quality and consistency with proper sound and function, yet are affordable enough to fit any budget. PST or "Paiste Sound Technology" cymbals are crafted utilizing the transfer of extensive Swiss-based know-how and the essence of hand manufacturing principles into Paiste's modern, hi-tech production.
PST 5 offers silvery attack, sensitive response, and a well-rounded and clean mix of overtones, resulting in a full-bodied bouquet with warm brilliance and sparkle. Universally applicable indoors and outdoors, with sufficient quality and function for more subtle ensemble and concert applications. 

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