Orchestra Expressions, Book Two: Teacher Edition

by Alfred
Our Price: $25.00
Orchestra Expressions™ provides music educators at all levels with easy-to-use, exciting tools to meet daily classroom challenges and bring new vibrancy and depth to teaching music. The lessons were written based on the National Standards for the Arts in Music -- not retro-fitted to the Standards. The program is music literacy-based and satisfies reading and writing mandates in orchestra class. The pedagogy involves a "four-fingers-down" start for every instrument, separate but simultaneous development of both hands, and beginning the bass in III position to develop early shifting.

The Teacher Curriculum Package for Book Two includes Teacher Edition Books Volumes I-IV, Teacher Resource Guide Book, Teacher Lesson, Masterworks and Performance Selection CDs (1 Masterworks CD, 2 Lesson CDs, 1 Ear Training CD, and 2 Performance Selection CDs), Teacher Support Pack, which includes Student Worksheets #1-#88 (123 total), Teacher Forms and Rubrics (student assessment worksheets, 4 total), Transparencies #1-#49 (57 total), Orchestra Progress Record Book Two, and several orchestra arrangements by Sandra Dackow.

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