Music Room Book 5, middle primary

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By Fairbairn-Leehy-O’Mara.

Middle Primary. 
Written for students in their fifth year of primary school.

Set Out in Actual Lesson Plans
A fun, easy-to-use program for class teacher and music specialist. 

Continuing to build on skills and concepts covered in Music Room 4, Music Room 5 introduces:

4 great feels (funk, calypso, hoedown, boogie-woogie), riffs, syncopation, harmony and multimedia work (audio-visual) plus further explorations of context & style and an end-of–year concert. It includes extensive videos on musical activities, dance steps, instrumental techniques, ‘bushband’ instruments + slide shows and other visual material for the multimedia work in unit 3 (Exploring Sound: Musical Pictures).

Book Only is the printed teacher book of lesson plans only.

Contents Page

Lesson Plan 

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