Mini MIC THING: Portable Mic Isolator

Our Price: $79.00

Introducing the Mini MIC THING acoustic absorption and isolation panel---designed for recording musicians looking for a portable acoustic solution that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

Contending with troublesome acoustic environments can certainly be a challenge. The Mini MIC THING provides both an efficient and portable solution to help bring unwanted room acoustic artifacts under control. The Mini MIC THING effectively creates a small treated acoustic space around your microphone that minimizes problematic sonic artifacts, such as excessive room reflections, without the expense of having to create or use a professionally-tuned recording facility.

The Mini MIC THING can be attached to a mic stand or used free-standing. With its unique flexi-angle stand system, the Mini MIC THING can be adjusted to fit every application with ease. It is also perfectly at home when used free-standing on a desktop. It even fits in a suitcase for travellers looking to create a recording space on the road!

Manufactured using an extremely durable ABS plastic compound and high-density acoustic foam, the virtually indestructible Mini MIC THING will provide you with years of acoustic support both in the studio and on the road.

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