Kawai ES110 88 key Portable Digital Piano with Built-in Speakers

by Kawai
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88-key Digital Stage Piano with Responsive Hammer Compact Action, 192-note Polyphony, Bluetooth and MIDI ports, Dual and Split Modes, Onboard Lessons, and Built-in Stereo Speaker System

Kawai Tone and Touch, Unbeatable Value

In the market for a stage piano? If performance and value are your two top concerns, Sweetwater has an excellent suggestion: Weighing just 26.5 pounds, the Kawai ES110 makes an ideal gigging partner with 19 great sounds onboard. Playing feel is superb — Kawai's Responsive Hammer Compact action gives the ES110 the feel of a real acoustic piano, complete with graded hammers. And the sound is sublime: Harmonic Imaging technology and 192-note polyphony deliver impeccable grand piano sound. And with its dedicated line-out jacks, plus MIDI ports, you'll have everything you need to take the stage. The Kawai ES110 does double duty as an ideal home piano with onboard lessons, Dual and Split modes, and Bluetooth for connecting to your smart devices.

Responsive Hammer Compact Action gives you the feel of a real acoustic piano

Kawai developed their Responsive Hammer Compact Action used in the ES110 to capture the distinctive feel of an acoustic grand piano. With an innovative springless design that provides consistent upward/downward motion, this action gives you a natural, smooth, piano playing experience. Just as acoustic piano hammers are heavier in the bass and get lighter as you move up towards the treble end of the keyboard, RHC action uses different hammer weights that are graded for each playing range. This fastidious attention to detail gives you maximum stability when playing fortissimo passages, while giving you the delicate pianissimo control you need.

Harmonic Imaging technology delivers stunning grand piano sound

Sit down at the Kawai ES110 and play. The stunning piano sound you hear is none other than the meticulously sampled sound of a hand-crafted Kawai concert grand piano, with all 88 keys painstakingly recorded and faithfully reproduced using Kawai's Harmonic Imaging technology. This proprietary process accurately re-creates the immense dynamic range of the grand piano, giving you a truly impressive measure of expressiveness, from ppp to fff and beyond. If this were the only sound onboard the ES110, it would be a fabulous value, but there's a total of 19 amazing sounds, including orchestral strings, electric pianos, organs, vibes, harpsichord, choir, and more.

Features to foster your development as a pianist

Kawai's ES110 digital piano includes a 3-song recorder, letting you record your performances to internal memory and play them back at the touch of a button. What's more, there's a cool lesson feature that helps aspiring pianists to learn the piano using an onboard collection of Burgmuller etudes, as well as songs from the popular Alfred Basic Piano course. You can practice left and right hand parts for each piece separately, and adjust the tempo to master the more difficult passages. Dual and Split modes (and dual headphone jacks) let you collaborate with a teacher or duet partner, while 192-note polyphony is more than enough to ensure that all your notes are heard.

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Features:

  • Harmonic Imaging sound technology
  • 88-key piano sampling; 192-note polyphony
  • Responsive Hammer Compact action for realistic grand piano touch
  • 19 inspiring voices, including 8 exceptional piano sounds
  • Dual and Split modes, dual headphone jacks for collaboration with a teacher or duet partner
  • Reverb models include Room, Small Hall, and Concert Hall
  • Settings include Damper Resonance, Voicing, Fall-back Noise, Damper Noise, Brilliance, Speaker EQ, and Effect On/Off
  • Onboard lessons include Burgmuller etudes and Alfred Basic Piano lessons
  • Included F-10H damper pedal with half-damper support
  • Built-in stereo speaker system
  • Dedicated line-out jacks (speakers may remain enabled for local monitoring)
  • Bluetooth and MIDI ports for connection to devices, computers, and other instruments


Did you know?
A common question we are always asked by consumers is “do I get the sheet music to all the built in songs?” Kawai are pleased to announce the release of a new app “PiaBook Player” – available for both iOS and Android.

This new app provides the scores for built in music pieces within Kawai digital pianos, complete with page turns via the sostenuto pedal.

This adds up to many hundreds of $ worth of music books, now provided for free. The value proposition if this app is strong, so please be sure to incorporate it into your sales presentations when appropriate.

Download for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1469318767

Download for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.kawai.emi.piabookplayer

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