JP's Sousaphone

by Alfred
SKU 45319
By Andy Beck, Vanessa Christian, and Maritza Mascarenhas Sadowsky.

Interactive Software.

An Interactive Storybook About John Philip Sousa.
New band member JP is struggling to march with his hefty concert tuba, so a helpful director sends him in search of a solution---the amazing sousaphone! Along the way, JP learns about America's most famous bandmaster, John Philip Sousa. This fact-filled story is told with engaging illustrations and age-appropriate vocabulary, which can be read from each screen and heard each time you turn a page. Embedded audio plays background music, Sousa marches, entertaining sound effects, and a professionally voiced narration. Watch the story come to life (and extend the learning) by clicking highlighted elements on each interactive page. This interactive resource works on both individual computers and interactive whiteboards, and is PC and Mac compatible. Recommended for all ages.

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