Hohner Chromonica 40 Chromatic Harmonica in the Key of C

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The Chromonica set the standard for chromatic harmonica instruments and was adopted early by noted players such as Larry Adler, Tommy Reilly or Jerry Murad and later by greats such as Willi Burger, Yasuo Watani and Franz Chmel. While considered to be a serious concert instrument, it has also found its niche in pop, jazz and blues over the years.

The HOHNER Chromatic Harmonica, later renamed the Super Chromonica was invented in 1912 and while Chromonicas and Super Chromonicas have been improved over the years, the core design remains in use on the original concept today.

All Chromonica models are hand-made in Germany

• Pearwood comb
• 40 Classic chromonica reeds (21/2 octave range)
• 1.05 mm brass reed plates affixed with nails
• Stainless steel covers
• Short slide action
• Available in C and G

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