Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum, Volume 5 Book/CD

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ABy Ellen Foncannon. 

Grade 5-6

BOOM-A-TUNES CURRICULUM, VOLUME 5 By Ellen Foncannon Includes: - Lesson plans and activities - Educational lyrics - Worksheets and assessment test - Piano Accompaniments - National music standards Uses all Boomwhackers Tube Sets [except Pentatonic] and Octavator™ Tube Caps. Covers triplets, seventh chords and Latin rhythms, mixed meter, major/ minor/perfect intervals and tempo markings. Includes instrumental themes from Bach, Beethoven and Grieg and 2- and 3-part choral pieces. 10 Lessons. Grades 5-6. SONG LIST A Bit of Beethoven Rockin' Heart with Soul Matilda A Zing-a-Za Indensity Song of Sevenths Allegro Scherzando Prelude Hall of the Mountain King Rock, Scissors, Paper. 

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