Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum, Volume 3 Book/CD

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By By Ellen Foncannon. 

Grade 3-6.

BOOM-A-TUNES CURRICULUM, VOLUME 3 By Ellen Foncannon Includes: - Lesson plans and activities - Educational lyrics - Worksheets and assessment test - Piano Accompaniments - National music standards Volume 3 Uses C Major Diatonic, Treble Extension & Bass Diatonic Sets & Octavator™ Tube Caps. Introduces bass clef and grand staff reading. Covers time signatures, flats, dynamics. 13 Lessons. Grades 3-6. SONG LIST: C Plays Second Space Dastardly D Count Bass E The Dot on the F Clef Gingin' It's an A! Baby Bass Clef Bumblebee The Boom Bass Parade Four Seasons Blue Danube Duck Critter Crossing Meter Mix up Make Up Your Mind

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